History of Troop 11

History of Troop 11

By Ryan Luecke, Troop Historian 2001

As the Historian, I visited the Scout Headquarters in January where they let me look in old file cabinets and I found an old troop charter dated 1966. Then, Dr. McCammack (the minister of this church) gave me an audio cassette with the history of Palomar camp. I found that a boy named Albert Long chose the name “Palomar Baptist Camp” for the camp, and he was given a 10-cent candy bar as his reward.

I interviewed Mr. Walt Fleisher at his home in Pacific Beach about the history of the troop. Mr. Fleisher was a Scout in the troop and his father was a Scoutmaster, and he shared a lot of memories. I next interviewed Mr. Chuck Stead, and he gave me a list of the recent Scoutmasters. He liked scouting for the camaraderie and the map reading.

Troop 11 was organized in 1916 by Logan Heights Baptist Church. It is the oldest registered troop in San Diego. At that time, the troop had printing equipment and made the church bulletin. In a barracks they made a telegraph transmitter. Bob Fleisher, Mr. Walt Fleisher’s father, became a troop leader in 1920 to 21. Mr.Walt Fleisher joined in the troop in 1926. There were four patrols, and he was in the Wolf patrol. It was an outstanding troop, active in community work. Troop 11 won many awards for contests with other troops, like lashing buildings and bridges and platforms, and was very good at first aid. The Red Cross gave them an award and a stretcher for their good first aid. They also went on camping trips to present day Qualcomm Stadium location. Troop 11 went to Adobe Falls a pool of water where you can swim. Sometimes, they went to Padre Mission Dam, or climbing Mt. San Miguel. In 1922 to 1926 at the Panama Exhibition at the Balboa Park World Fair, there was a 3-act pageant with covered wagons and flaming arrows and horses. Troop 11 went to summer camp at Palomar Mountain. When the Boy Scouts of Troop 11received this land, they gave it to the church and it became the Palomar Christian Conference Center.

In the 1940’s, Troop 11 used to go camp in Palomar. Mr. Asher said that if any troop of Boy Scouts held 5 camps in his 40-acre plot of land in Palomar in 7 years, they could own it. Troop 11 won it and gave the land to the Baptist Church, and the Church made it a Christian
Community Center. Troop 11 was still permitted to camp there.

I opened the troop’s wooden display case and found a photo album in need of organization. I took it out and with some help, I made sections and headings for each page in a new photo album and reorganized the photos.

The Eagle Scout Plaque was dedicated to Michael Crowder, a physically disabled Scout from Troop 11 who died just two weeks after he received his Eagle Scout. I am updating the plaque with past Eagle Scouts, and right now, I have added 7 Eagle Scouts’ names to the existing 9 original names.

Lastly, I would like you to know, the Flagpole on the upper parking lot of the church was dedicated on February 6, 1983 to George McClelland, a charter member of the troop. His picture can be found in the updated photo album.