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This is a place for useful and important information for scouts, parents, and leaders. Everything from forms to recipes can be posted here for reference.

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TROOP 11 CALENDAR 14-15rev9-12-14.pdf130.7 KB
Rank Advancement53.24 KB
Earning a Merit Badge968.77 KB
2013 BSA Uniform Inspection Sheet-Boy Scouts463.43 KB
Patrol Box Contents 03-05-2014 Vikings31.12 KB
Patrol Box Contents 03-05-2014 Sharks31.18 KB
Campers Checklist69.76 KB
Backpacker Checklist81.98 KB
Medical Rel Part_ABC 2014401.95 KB
Medical Rel Information 2014111.43 KB
Troop Leadership Descriptions158.27 KB
Troop 11 History16.54 KB
Palomar Camp History118.23 KB
Troop 11 Backpacking cookbook45.3 KB
Troop 11 Dutch Oven recipes40 KB
Troop 11 Cookbook for Campouts36.47 KB
2011 National Honor Patrol Award106 KB
2013 Uniform Inspection Sheet463.43 KB
2013 Rifle Merit Badge Info99.8 KB
2015 Journey To Excellence - Troop Scorecard95.78 KB
2015 BSA Camporee Leader's Guide1.29 MB